Our Hygienic Wall Cladding can be fully bonded to most wall substrates using
our Two Part Polyurethane Adhesive. Brickwork and Block Work Existing
Ceramic Tiles Plasterboard and Plywood using 5mm Square Notched Trowel
Applied 100% Cover.

Two Part Polyurethane: 8.0Kilo For 3050mm x 1220mm Sheets
Two Part Polyurethane: 6.5Kilo For 2440mm x 1220mm Sheets.

We also offer our Single Part Acrylic Adhesive for use on Plasterboard and

We recommend the wall to be unibonded PVA Roller applied before
using Single Part Acrylic Adhesive. Single Part Acrylic Adhesive can be 3mm
Square Notched Trowel Applied 100% Cover.

Single Part Acrylic Adhesive : 12Kilo will install approx 7no 2440mm x 1220mm
sheets. (Using 3mm Notch on Smooth Walls) & 5no 3050mm x 1220mm sheets.

White Food Grade Silicone Seal White is the choice for sealing around all
Abutments to finish off any install when using Hygienic Wall Cladding in white.

If you require further information or assistance please call us and we will do our
best to help you choose the right product at the right price.

Please call 01908 61 51 51 or send us a message via our contact form